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  • 13 Oct 2020
  • 13 Dec 2020
  • Zoom from Various locations, dates, and times

Hear From Opinion Leaders in Your Area


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·         watch 9 self-study videos

·         participate in city-specific zoom sessions with local opinion leaders

·         earn 5 hours of CE credit

·         read comments from July and August sessions

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An Hour's Worth of City-Specific Zoom Q/A Sessions

·         Albuquerque  November 7, 8 am; November 17, 7 pm.  Deana Mercer, Patricia Siegel, others tbd

·         Atlanta October 3 and 10, 9 am EDT   Courtney Muller CHT, Clifton Meals MD, Eric Wagner, MD Amanda Dempsey MD, Melissa Tober CHT Bill Knaus MD Charles Daly MD Paul Ghareeb MD

·         Boston Saturday October 24 8 am, Saturday October 31 8 am. Phil Blazar, others TBD

·         Dallas, Kim Mezera, MD, dates, times, panelists tbd

·         Denver October 17 8 am, October 22 7  pm MDT  Fraser Leversedge MD, Patrick Johnson DO, Kiros Ipaktchi MD, Sofija Phillips CHT,  Jason Rovak MD, John Froelich MD, Alexander Lauder MD, Carly Keller CHT

·         Detroit: Perry Altman, MD, dates, times, panelists tbd

·         Grand Rapids, maybe, check back mid October

·         Houston  November 14 and 21, 9 am CST Jose Nolla MD, Matt Koepplinger MD,  Korsh Jafarnia MD,  David Netscher MD, Therapists - Michelle Johnson, Molly Hudson, Dianne Sepulvado, Kelly Bettes

·         Kansas City  November 9, 7 - 8 pm CST  Bruce Toby MD, Jacob Brubacher MD, Tyler Fox, MD, Mitchell Birt MD, CHTs: Connie Meredith, Marilyn Boaz,, Gina Zimmerman, Janelle Lemons, Cindy Hadl

·         Louisvllle  Monday October. 5 and October 12, 6-6:30 pm David Tate MD,Ethan Blackburn MD, Luke Robinson MD, Amanda Edsell CHT, Russell Shatford MD, Victor Fehrenbacher MD, Barbara Harmon CHT

·         Miami 7 pm on November 2 and 3 pm on November 29 Anne Ouellette MD, Roy Carduso MD, Mathew Treiser MD, Alex Argote OT

·         Milwaukee, maybe, check back mid October

·         New Orleans Nov 14  8:30  am, Dec 5, 8:30 am. Katie Faust MD,, Blane Sessions, MD, M. Tyson Garon, MD, Missy Hymel CHT

·         New York City/Madison NJ  Sat Oct 31 and Sat Nov 7, 8 - 8:30am Virak Tan MD, others tbd

·         Philadelphia Saturday October 24, 8-9 am EDT   Amy Vissing, CHT, Meredith Osterman MD, Michael Franco, MD Michael Rivlin MD, Ines Lin, MD, Benjamin Gray MD

·         Phoenix, maybe, check back mid October

·         Pittsburgh, Marshall Balk, MD dates, times, panelists tbd

·         Portland OR  October 10 and October 17 8 am - 8:30 am  Suki Braverman, OT, CHT, Joel Solomon, MD, PhD, Robert Orfaly, MD, Angelo Lipira, MD, Adam Mirarchi, MD, Omar Nazir, MD

·         Sacramento  one Zoom session Saturday, October 24, 8:00 am -9:15 am Christopher Bayne, MD, Benjamin Bluth, MD, Clifford Pereira, MD, Robert Slater, MD, Naomi Villarauz PT CHT

·         San Francisco  Wednesday Nov 4, 6-6:30 pm: Sat Nov 14, 8 - 830 am, Igor Immerman MD; Sharon Jung-Verdi OT, CHT; Nicolas Lee MD; Paymon Rahgozar MD; David Zeltser MD

 Olga Yuzhin CHT; Nicole Schroeder MD; Michael Terry MD; Varun Gajendran MD

·         Seattle  October 10 and 24, time to be determined  Todd Guyette MD, Sam Galle MD, John Beck, MD Trevor Petrie CHT

·         Tampa December 5 and 12, Jason Nydick MD  times and other panelists to be determined.

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a lively, illustrated exploration of the 500-million-year history of bone, a touchstone for understanding vertebrate life and human culture


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South Carolina Hand Therapy Association provides resources to practitioners, students, and the community to better serve clients with upper extremity injuries and conditions in South Carolina. 



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